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Amazon Continues Its March Into Enterprise Clouds ....

Amazon Continues Its March Into Enterprise Clouds And Wallets – ReadWrite

This article makes the following assertion quoted from a Gartner study:

  • "The road to increased cloud usage will be through tactical business solutions addressing specific problems, not through broad, strategic infrastructure replacements.
  • The business impact of cloud services increases as they continue to move up the cloud services value chain, from infrastructure services to business process services.
  • The introduction of cloud solutions will lead to a more diverse solution portfolio with widely varying implementation and migration timelines."

We could not have written a bettter description of the OA Cloud approach.  It definitely makes sense for an organization to realize the cost and security advantages of AWS as a pure infrastructure strategy.   But AWS enables another way in.  AWS, through all of its APIs, makes for a better business application and some very unique paths to custom applications that solve business problems faster and at lower cost. 


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